Tantra, Secrets and Psychedelics

...Although the ritualistic mixing of sex and psychedelics is ancient--and openly discussed in the writings of iconoclastic philosophers like Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson--the psychopharmacological techniques for activating higher states of sexual consciousness remain unknown by most people, and they are often kept secret from early initiates of Tantra. Techniques for enhancing sexual rituals with sacred plants are rarely mentioned in popular books on Tantra or in Tantra workshops.

This important omission is deliberate. It's due to the fact that it requires a good bit of training to handle the enormous amount of energy that a Tantric-psychedelic session can generate. Tantric sex can be quite intense on its own, and that may be more than enough for most people who are interested in exploring Tantra. Not everyone can handle shivering in ecstasy for hours while their partner's face is melting. The omission of psychedelics is also largely due to the fact that most people in the Tantric community are aware that the idea of a sexually-based spirituality is controversial enough for most people. Mixing sex and religion elicits strong taboos in many people. Making it widely known that some of those same people who are mixing sex and religion are also using "Schedule I drugs" may not be the wisest way to gain societal acceptance during a time in history when sacred plants are regarded as forbidden fruit by the Puritanical overlords of society. So their secrecy is understandable...
-David Jay Brown
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Ah, what a delight to find the wise words of my friend in your blog.

Namaste, MyDakini!