Chocolate and Chakras: American Yogis Foodie Debate

Published: January 26, 2010
.....Calling his mission “yoga for the Everyman,” Mr. Romanelli, 36, plays Grateful Dead songs during class, wears sweat pants rather than spandex, and has already experimented with offering chocolate truffles after chaturanga instruction. “It’s a way of getting people in the door,” he said in an interview. “The world is a better place if people do yoga. And if they come because chocolate or wine is involved, I’m fine with it.”
In 2007, a combination yoga studio and fine dining restaurant, Ubuntu, opened in Napa, Calif.
Yoga retreat centers now offer gourmet cooking classes and wine tastings; New York yogis trade tips about which nearby ashrams (Anand) and studios (Jivamukti) serve the best muffins.
But not everyone agrees that the lusty enjoyment of food and wine is compatible with yogic enlightenment. Yoga purists say that many foods — like wine and meat — are still off limits. Others, like Mr. Romanelli, say that anything goes, as long as it tastes good. ......
....Several prominent American yoga teachers like Ana Forrest and Bryan Kest have recently acknowledged eating meat. ....
..Eva Grubler, director of training at Dharma Yoga in New York, one of the most venerated yoga centers in the country.
“Ten years ago we would not even be having this conversation,” said Ms. Grubler, who added that a vegan diet was a given for her. “Yoga used to be much quieter, but now there are more people, they are more activated, and they are questioning everything.” She says that the true yogic path gradually and organically frees people of desire for meat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.
“A pure yogic diet is one that is only calming: no garlic, onions or chili peppers, nothing heavy or oily,” said Ms. Grubler. “Steamed vegetables, salads and fresh juices are really the ideal..read more at New York Times: When Chakras and Chocolate Collide

Ana Forest : Forest Yoga
Ana is a well-known yoga teacher, and contributing expert to Yoga Journal and other national wellness publications.
Dharma Mitra Yoga, New York 
Est 1974.
"With constant practice, one can improve his physical body and mental attitude rapidly, thereby igniting the higher motives of making ones self useful to him-self and all mankind." Dharma Mittra
IMAGE: Dharma Mittra 
  Exhale Yoga Spa
Yoga for Foodies : Jam Sessions
In 2010, Yoga + Chocolate and Yoga + Wine co-founder David Romanelli is excited to announce his new creation:   “Jam Sessions: Yoga for Foodies.”  From New York to New Orleans and LA to Dallas, David will collaborate with great chefs from around the nation to present a fresh take on food, sustainability, and those rare moments that are so perfect, you could, well, ah, have an orgasm.
Chocolate for Yogis: Alma Chocolate  
alma (al ' ma)
1. n. - Soul (from the Spanish)
2. v. - To nourish (from the Latin)
Chocolate has long been associated with passion and love, and touted for its aphrodisiac and medicinal properties. Its Latin name, Theobroma, means “food of the Gods.” 
image: Chocolate Chinese Buddha, available at Alma Chocolate. Order online or visit her shop and cafe :
140 NE 28th Ave. • Portland, Oregon 97232 • (503) 517-0262


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Feb 14, 2010, The Lunar New Year of the White Tiger

Losar, Tibetan Lunar New Year,
 and Chinese Lunar New Year begin on the new moon, and are  joyous, 15 day celebrations of happiness, good fortune, and a time to make offerings and prayers to your favorite temple or holy place, as well as participating in  festive family reunions. Preparation for the new year involves cleaning the home with special attention on the kitchen, insuring we have no outstanding debts, decorating with Plum blossoms, water narcissus (or other fresh flowers), displaying auspicious symbols, and most importantly, letting go of the past. During the 2 week period, gentleness, kind words, and peace should prevail, this will insure the same throughout the year. The Lantern Festival on the 15th day welcomes the first full moon of the year with Dragon and Lion dances, and is the most celebratory day of the 15.

Family and friends come together sharing gifts, company, and indulging in foods delicious, and highly symbolic. Noodles symbolize longevity (but don't cut them!), oranges symbolize wealth, tangerines are for luck, and a chinese new year menu is not complete without a whole fish, symbolizing family unity, abundance and prosperity. 

On February 14, 2010 the Chinese, and Tibetan New Year exit the slow moving Year of Earth Ox, and welcome the Year of White, Iron Tiger.  The 14th of February is auspicious, and celebrated here in the West as Saint Valentines day, and originally the very wild, ancient Roman holiday, Lupercalia.  
Saint Valentine's influence encourages us to focus on a peaceful, forgiving heart, and let fierce compassion, and a brave and intelligent love guide us in 2010. Tiger years, the last one was 1999,  are known for drama, passion, spontaneous experiences, intensity, sudden surprise, unexpected events, rapid change, travel, and overall excitement. 

This also marks the sixty year return of the Iron Tiger year 1950, the year the Korean war began, and the year China began its "peaceful liberation" of Tibet, aka, invasion.  Iron armors and hardens the Tiger, making these years  notorious for disaster, surprise attacks, turmoil, wars and conflict, and can see ruthlessness on outer, inner, and secret levels. Loss of temper, and the destructive qualities of anger are multiplied, and are particularly dangerous, and potentially devastating in Iron Tiger years, both for individuals, and groups or Countries as a whole, who succumb to the sudden, and seductive forces of anger...

Dalai Lama on Peace, compassion and Happiness...

Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum Om mani padme hum

image 1: Taktshang (Tiger's Nest) Monastery in Bhutan
thank you moon rat!

image 2: Los Angeles Shambhala Center


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Vajrayana is Jung at Heart

The gods have become our diseases
C.G. Jung

The 'gods' Jung is referring to are the self generated deities of our own psyche.
The wolf moon is an auspicious time to seek out shadow, and the archetypes we embody and project. Jung's archetypes are related to the deities of tantra, Vajrayana, these deities, like archetypes, are not physical or heavenly beings, but aspects of ourselves. Understanding these subtle, and not so subtle energies that we create, and we are creating them, (we are the creator-not the other way around)is the one of the first steps to self awareness....


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