Orgasm: Screaming and Full Body Orgasm

Full Body Orgasm
Taoist and some tantric systems teach the full body orgasm,
an electrifying sensation that permeates the whole body.
This is achieved through breath, inner locks, attention, mantra, and touch.
These techniques engage the sexual/kundalini energy and teach you how to direct
and circulate this energy throughout your body. Avoiding ejaculation and even for women to avoid orgasm, allows kundalini to expand. As the energy expands and is directed up through the body it has the potential to heal, energize and illuminate.
The energy need not to be released, if/when released it is starry and explosive and when combined with g-spot
stimulation creates a transcendent space of physical bliss and emotional rapture.
With practice, men can begin to separate ejaculation from orgasm*,
the first step towards multiple orgasms.

This practice can be done solo or with your partner.

*ejaculation and orgasm are separate events that happen to occur simultaneously.

White Lotus East
in New York provides an exceptional article on the male multiple orgasm and the sexual arousal cycle

Screaming Orgasm
the screaming orgasm is not part of tantra or any of the eastern systems
...it is part of the old school of sexuality, a toddy to drop your inhibitions enough
that someone, surely, would have a screaming orgasm
1 Shot Grey Goose Vodka
1 Shot Disaronno Amaretto
1 Shot Amarula
1 Shot Kahlua
2 Shot Half & Half
1 Shot Iced Espresso

Blend with crushed ice

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Vikram Madan said...

Hi MD,

I have managed [to some extent] what you have mentioned in this blog entry. I have managed it through avoiding ejaculation, and I have been following this practice for about 1 month now.

This practice, in my case, is not accompanied by any mantras or chanting or yoga, or special breathing exercises. For the simple reason that I don't know any!!

Perhaps I want to start some special breathing exercises....would they benefit me??

The results till now are occasional spontaneous explosive sensations in the stomach area that 'rock me' [literally!! haha.]...certainly not painful, and far from uncomfortable! My head has sorta exploded too. At times it feels like it is exploding continuously, in slow motion. There is minor discomfort , disorientation. Not all the time, but sometimes.

At times, this explosion in the head/body is accompanied by anger, violence, confusion, irritability, despair etc.

At other times it feels like I am ok. Plus the *visuals* that form spontaneously, in my head. Awesome! lol. :-) :-D

In general, I feel stronger, and more positive about everything. I absolutely don't intend to give up this path, no matter what. It has been a fantastic journey....at least till now.

Your writings have been very very helpful in guiding me, and I thank you for this.


md said...

Awesome! practice will stir things up, often dark and shadowy...

It is all about the breath!

a few notes for your tantra practice
5-20 min
Sit comfortably on the floor, back straight, soft
belly. Hands may be relaxed and placed on your knees
or the
right hand on the heart center and the left hand at
navel.....the left hand acts as a reminder to breathe
the belly and the right hand sends and receives energy
through the heart

Mantra (aum)
Slow,natural, deep belly breath-8-10 per minute

eyes open
pc, mula bandha and anal sphincter contraction/ ashvini

contract on inhalation, hold for 2 breathes

lingam stimulation may be visualized or incorporated, bring the energy to 5 or 6 out of 10 as peak, over time the level can be brought to 8...
orgasm is available without ejaculation, but ejaculation should not be overly restricted.

when working without a teach it is most important to listen to your body
release with exhalation. this is difficult
at first because your abs are engaged with
the pc contraction, but with practice you will learn to contract only the pc. A tingling sensation will develop, this is normal and
desired, with practice the gentle tingling permeates the body and remains 'turned on'.
Visualize a small ball of light in your pelvis, with each contraction it expands and with each inhalation it rises and energizes your being
finish with butterfly pose and 2-5 min of yoga or gentle stretching

Vikram Madan said...

113 days after I embarked on this exercise, I have suffered my first failure.

Thanks to a collection of Preity Zinta photos I saw in an ethnic fashion magazine.

(She's a movie actress from bombay - I have photoshopped her - on my blog.)

Not too happy about it. But anyway.