Alan Watts, Chogyam Trungpa & Ken Wilber

via : Ben Riggs, teacher of Buddhist meditation and spirituality at the Refuge Meditation Group in Shreveport, LA.  http://refugegroupbr.blogspot.com/

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"Ode to a Rescuer", Carol Omer

Written  in 1997 . It is dedicated to the  Women, especially those  who I meet in domestic violence Shelters,  who really do believe:
If I just keep on loving him, he will change & we will have the relationship that I know is possible’...

Ode to a Rescuer…
There was something very appealing about his pain
it matched her Pattern perfectly!
“Give me a damaged man  with potential
and I will embrace him
as my life mission
My personal quest
I will claim myself to be his Rescuer

Through my eyes he will see
how sorely he has been
denied Love

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