Orgasmic Fake Outs, Men?

As part of 'orgasm' week, we have two faked orgasms....one from each gender....and both moderately funny

the classic 'when harry met sally'
Faking is not necessary*. Taoist and some tantric paths can teach us to awaken the sexual energy and just 'be' with it, calmly and creatively....without the goal of orgasm.
As the partner of a pretender, allow your partner to take responsibility for his/her, own orgasm/or non-orgasm...and you for yours.
Our sexual health, like our physical or spiritual health is our own gift and responsibility.

As a couple with a faker, drop expectations of orgasm, eliminate distractions, clear your mind and eyes wide open, focus on connection. allow the unthought experience of erotic spontaneous bliss to naturally arise. This erotic energy is more powerful than anything in your mind or a mail order catalog, and is the gateway to full body, heart and expanded orgasms
Real orgasmic ecstasy is seldom planned, rarely filmed, and even more rarely is it captured...it can only be experienced

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