Late Night LOL with Osho/ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Osho was a nice strict Jain boy who rebelled, like all nice boys do, and ultimately fueled the fire of the Free Love and the Human Potential Movements in the US
Online Videos by Veoh.comThe very controversial Osho, aka Bhagwam Shree Ragneesh, mystic-philosopher and father of California Tantra, comments on Gandhi, Hitler, the Pope and Mother Teresa – and goes on from there to talk about his reputation for being controversial, contradictory, and, in the words of the interviewer, “one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.”.......credited with liberating the minds of future generations from the shackles of religiosity and conformism, he spent his life challenging minds, concepts and institutions that he considered obsolete......

Hugh Milne, an ex-follower, writes of his first meeting with Osho, "Whatever this marvellous being is doing, it is far more than the words that are passing between us. There is no invasion of privacy, no alarm, but it is as if his soul is slowly slipping inside mine, and in a split second transferring vital information.

Many of todays modern California tantra teachers are from the Osho school

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James Davis said...

I love Osho. A great courageous and unique person.

LOL! said...

osho was one of the all time great controversial, wild, 'crazy wisdom teachers', a master and mystic.....
not for everyone......but, then who is?

eastern mystics bring to the western heart and mind, an alternative, mystic and delicious view/perception of our existence and way of being.