Margot Anand, La Vision Du Tantra video

An exceptional interview with an exceptional artist, teacher, author. This is a fabulous introduction to a tantric life.

French /English.
Extrait du DVD de Margot ANAND, L'Art de l'Extase Sexuelle. - Formation personnelle annuelle à l'amour et à l'extase avec Margot Anand : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margot_ANAND Voir

Margot Anand on the science of love, the tantric vision and her special Sky Dancing Tantra. A native of France, Margot received her degree from Sorbonne University in Paris and has spent decades studying with many of the world’s prominent masters of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra
Margot is an adjunct faculty member at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s institute and has taught at Dr Dean Ornish’s annual retreats for heart patients.
Sky Dancing Institutes: Switzerland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Northern California

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