Goddess Worship, From Sex, Death and Desire

The christian conception of feminine sexuality turns on the opposition between virgin (good) and whore (bad).
This is very different from pre-Christian goddess worship.
The Goddess, in her many guises and manifestations, was the most holy figure on earth for thousands of years and yet she has been so successfully eradicated that the majority of western women have simply no idea that she even existed, let alone had the religous awe and captivating power that she emanated.
The return to goddess worship could be a reaction to the objectification of women on the internet and pornography in general.
Taken from the show Sex, Death and Desire, written and directed by John Simmons of Ouch! Media and founding member of Critchley and Simmons

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Vikram Madan said...

The Goddess...the original supersexyheroine! :-)

She used to beat up goons thousands of years back.

In today's world, she does it on a website too! lol.

Fantastic video.

Calling the goddess a 'supersexyheroine' is not necessarily trivialisation/disrespect.

MD said...

we use the tools at hand..... a blog is no magic lasso, or maybe it is...;)

the title 'supersexyheroine', is an honor