Female Ejaculation: A Beginner's Guide

New Scientist

May28, 2009

Sharon Moalem

.........Although still controversial, many scientists now accept that some women can ejaculate some kind of fluid during sexual arousal or orgasm. Just how common it is, what the fluid is, and whether it serves any kind of function are some of the most hotly debated questions of sex research today, and I am playing a small part in helping to investigate them.

Many historical texts, such as the Kama Sutra, spoke about female "semen", as did writers, including the Greek physician Hippocrates. Sometimes the writers may have been referring to everyday vaginal secretions, which increase during sexual arousal. However, there are several references to something more akin to ejaculation. In the 17th century, the Dutch physician and anatomist Regnier De Graaf spoke of "liquid as usually comes from the pudenda in one gush"......................................more from New Scientist

New Scientist is making no promises, but for women who would like this experience, here are some tips from US sex educator Deborah Sundahl.

  • Start with whatever techniques are normally best for arousal, for example stimulating the clitoris.
  • Next move on to the female prostate, or the G spot – it's probably the same thing. If the woman is lying on her back, this is directly above the uppermost wall of the vagina, or nearest to her tummy. This area should be stimulated with one or two fingers making a "come here" motion.
  • It is normal if the woman feels like she needs to urinate, as the prostate tissue surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine leaves the bladder. She should ignore it and keep going.
  • With time and practice, a woman may experience orgasm and ejaculate.
Sharon Moalem is an evolutionary biologist and neurogeneticist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.
His book, How Sex Works, was published this month in the US by HarperCollins

ART: Klimt, Danae

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What is the Price of Admission in a Relationship?

Savage, sane, 'wake up and smell the coffee', advice
from my fave former Catholic, Seattle's darling, Dan Savage.

Do the white lies, perfect lighting and inflated egos we present early in a relationship force us to be better people?
If we want the relationship to hold must we now live up to what we claimed we were?
Can we go beyond tolerating behaviors of our partner to a place of authentic acceptance?

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Monday Mantra and Tao of the Self Obsessed

....................,,,.....................<*****(((((( 'expect only what you are given' ))))*****>.............................,,,........

If we can follow the above all the time, we will be enlightened bliss beings
If we can follow it most of the time, we will be happy.

If we never follow it, we will be miserable, always disappointed, alternately feeling guilty and indignant.
Chasing shadows, following the way of the self obsessed


कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोस्त्वऽकर्मणि॥

Line 1: Karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana -
Don't expect fruits. To expect a fruit is a mistake that leads to suffering.

Line 2: Ma karma phala he tur bhuh, ma te sangvasta karmani; -
You have a duty, you have an obligation to do, but you have no right to expect a particular consequence or result or fruit to follow from what you do.

The above is an interpretation via Vikram Madan, not translation

Monday Mantra is a weekly mantra series,
exploring the power of mantras both ancient and contemporary.
The power of our thoughts is well established scientifically, and has been known to the prophets, seers, philosophers and magicians throughout history


Los Angeles Tantra Coach

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TED, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm

Mary Roach on the amazing, and frequently silly, little known facts of orgasm

Mary Roach
Bonk, the curious coupling of sex and science


Los Angeles Tantra Coach

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Leonard Shlain, Best-Selling Author, San Francisco Surgeon Dies

May 11, 2009

The Bay Area and the world lost a renowned visionary thinker and educator when Leonard Shlain, best-selling author and San Francisco surgeon, died Monday, May 11, 2009 at his home in Mill Valley after a battle with brain cancer. He was 71 years old.

Admired among artists, scientists, philosophers, anthropologists and educators, Leonard Shlain authored three best-selling books: Art & Physics, Alphabet vs. The Goddess and Sex, Time, and Power. He delivered multimedia presentations based upon his books in venues around the world including Harvard, The New York Museum of Modern Art, CERN, Los Alamos, The Florence Academy of Art and the European Council of Ministers. His fans include Al Gore, Norman Lear and singer Bjork who credited Shlain ’s Alphabet vs. The Goddess with inspiring her recent album “Wanderlust”. His fourth book Leonardo’s Brain about Leonardo Da Vinci will be published next spring by Viking. Dr. Shlain was a surgeon for 38 years at California Pacific Medical Center where he headed the Laparascopic Surgery Department and an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF.
........more from Leonard Shlain.com

Art & Physics

The Alphabet vs. The Goddess

Sex Time & Power

om mani padme hum

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Leonard Shlain at UC Berkeley

Dr. Shlain talks about his three previous books--Art and Physics; The Alphabet Versus the Goddess; and Sex, Time and Power and his forthcoming book on Leonardo da Vinci.

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