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thanks Vikram!
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Vikram Madan said...

That's quite neat, the colouring.

Currently, I'm a hit and trial kind of a novice photoshopper...5-10 flops/per hit kind of artist!


You must teach me how to do such colouring, sometime!


md said...

the trick with photoshop is a light hand. Create color with very, very light layers, set the opacity at 1 or 2, and build up the color. Skin color is not one color, but multiple colors fading in and out....color can be enhanced by adding a touch of the complimentary color, ie, to enhance the red of lips, add a touch of green near the lip line...
I am using techniques from hand tinting photos, I learned from my great grandmother who was an amazing photographer and colorist..
I have a photoshop addiction, and only allow myself a little time each month to play with it ;)

Vikram Madan said...

My sense of colouring is quite a disaster if i do it consciously.

Like...my blog's colour combinations are accidental and i am never sure of whether they are good or bad!

When I photoshop, i just proceed by hit and trial when it comes to colours and am never sure!

Often i have bought clothes and 15 days later screamed: 'why the hell did i buy this, the colours are awful!'! haha!

So now, I stick to safe choices only, am quite happy with safe colours and plain things. "Wear it and forget that you're wearing it" kind of things only.

A college professor from my engineering college days used to wear parrot green, bright pink trousers.

Combined with red/green polka dots on black T- shirts; and bright ties!

He was 60 years old at that time. LOL. I guess I'm better than that, at least!

I've seen your art work at Gaia and love it. Maybe you should post it here too, sometime.