Yoga Therapy and Tantra Teachers

from TIME
Talk. Share. Cry. Stretch? Psychotherapy has historically been an exercise of the mind, but in the offices of more and more modern-day mental-health providers, emotional healing is taking place not just on the couch but on the yoga mat. ....
"................The concept of healing the mind via the body, and vice versa, has been around for decades. "Freud used to work with hysterical women with unconscious conflicts that they couldn't express through words," says Visceglia. "Only through looking at the symptoms of their body [like phantom pregnancies] could they even get to what was psychologically needed for healing." .......
Since the days of Freud, research into the mind-body relationship has come a long way. Studies show that not only are your mental health and mood dependent in large part on physical factors like exercise, but also unchecked stress, anxiety and depression can affect physical health, increasing blood pressure, heart disease and even risk of death. So it was perhaps inevitable that patients would start bringing their yoga mats into therapy.
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Tantra Yoga teachers and educators have always understood this connection. Tantric practice encourages clearing of emotions, using them as a path of transformation, not through repression or indulgence, but through naked awareness. Direct experience of our authentic selves exposes the roots of disturbing emotions, and with awareness comes transformation. Tantra uses all the energies available, and instructs in disciplining and developing the senses as tools for spiritual and emotional liberation. Techniques, including, breath, mantra, bhanda and touch, expand consciousness and help us access the spontaneous, and outrageously awake, place of bliss. Instruction, because it is often one on one, provides a sacred space to learn, experience and practice the powerful, radical, fast acting, multifaceted tantric techniques, and an experienced guide holds a mirror, and helps you process, and integrate all that arrives. .....and administer cpr, no, just kidding!!..lol

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