Pam Babbitt, Transmuting Sexual Energy

Denver Tantra Examiner
Pam Babbitt

Tantra is a magical path to creating the life and experiences of your dreams.
‘Tantra invites your body to remember’ - your essence, your power, your potential, your dreams, and your body’s innate erotic intelligence.
It helps remove blockages due to dis-ease, sexual abuse, invasive medical procedures, negative experiences, and the stresses of everyday living. Tantra lovingly returns you to ecstasy - your birthright.

Our most ecstatic sex occurs when our body and heart merge with our soul to achieve a powerful connection to ourselves, our partner, and our Creator. When we allow ourselves to sink deeply into that state of peace and release all those goal-oriented notions (you know the ones), waves of ecstasy can ripple through and transport us to a place of connectedness with all there is.

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