Tantric Stimulus Package I

What would a tantric stimulus Package look like?

A tantric stimulus package would be most closely aligned with the Austrian school of economics, go with the flow, even if 'the flow' sucks ......and work within that flow,
it's so much easier.

The system is not broken, it is correcting, adjusting, and accommodating past, present and potential future input. ....that is the nature of markets, and really most everything, including our life/sexual energy......blocking the natural reaction of over indulgence with a stimulus to consume more, is just downright silly. Do we cure diabetes with sugar? What kind of bizzaro world have we created?

The US is running out of magic cures and bunnies in hats, and the ones that are there
are burnt out, nervous and jumpy*

This is not to suggest we not improve, fine tune and direct, but by allowing the authentic nature of the system to take its course, all the while learning and conducting damage control, we help to insure that in the future we will (maybe) not make the same mistakes....

Fighting it, trying to stop it, control it or attempting to fix it -with the same consciousness and behaviour that created it is the common solution, but not necessarily the best.
Like a bulimic who's barfing time has come, a healthy and natural reaction to excessive over indulgence and over consumption (on credit), the US needs to purge -in a natural way...... any attempt to control or stop this natural reaction will only make a bigger mess and most likely create future problems within the system............including dependence on the magical cure, a cure intended to be temporary, but like many a magic cure, all too often overstays its welcome....

....overstayed magical cures are a very heavy
contributor in the current economic chaos, or as some bankers say, in very hushed voices, Financial Armageddon.....

.....................and tantric stimulus packages have many forms, the above is in development

*sorry, couldn't resist

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Pamm said...

We likey this. True, so true.

MD said...

thank you!

I just discovered your new food blog, it looks great! Who knew taking pictures of food could be so fun?

any L.A. tips in the works?