LOL Yoga and the Butterfly Effect, with Billy Blob

Okay, so, this the meaning of life on a windshield.......listen up!
The butterfly voice, John Huckeby, is also on a a great shadow work, ken wilber video.
Addictive tunes from Officer Roseland
Billy Blob.com
awesome, fresh animation

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Vikram Madan said...

Hi MD,

This video's not playing for some reason. Not sure whether its my PC or this youtube link.

An interesting site on Chaos Theory:

Link:Evolving Computational Creatures.______________

I have a blog post, semi finished, currently offline, that tries to merge "Self Organisation/Chaos Theory" with some Advaita Vedanta concepts. And some elementary Descartes.


Advaita Vedantic concept of Lack of volition; The human being as a phenomena; The "False I" as an emergent property.

I plan to also throw in the 'observer effect' (Quantum Mechanics) and link it to the Advaita Vedanta concept which suggests that the manifested world cannot exist outside of a living observer's awareness...something that Descartes also wondered about, when he wondered what was constant in his life...

I have mentioned the observer effect and quantum, discontinuous existence in the comments section somewhere on your blog too.

This blog entry I am talking about needs to be shortened, its too long.

And I can only pray for an audience...I highly doubt anybody wants to read such mind numbing stuff.


Vikram Madan said...

I forgot the 'perhaps' before 'Descartes also wondered', sorry.

I am not too sure, as yet, of the connection between Descartes and Advaita Vedantic concepts.

Don't have a proper feel of Descartes' work.