Stephen Colbert Talks Love and Lust with the Experts

Stephen Colbert talks to Ariel Levy about the 'Rise of Raunch Culture', and "...the spread of the aesthetics and values of the red light district into mainstream culture. Strippers and porn stars are the stars of raunch cuture, those are women who's job it is to fake lust, they should not be our sexual role models, it should be women who have the most pleasure from sex, not the ones that get paid the most to pretend they are engaged with it......"

and Dr.Oz, ....the average American male has sex once a week (yikes! that's terrible),
if you can double that your life expectancy increases by 3 years, but this does not hold true for women, quality not quantity is the key for women..."

and Dan Savage, Seattles Savage Love...." straight guys can't find the clitoris...."

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Aaron said...

Nice. Love me some Colbert. Like a Mother Eagle... ;)