the Kiss, and Kissing Facts

Joel Garreau,

Washington Post

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few things to know about kissing

-- About two-thirds of all humans, male and female, tilt their heads to the right when kissing, whether they are left- or right-handed.

-- Men think kissing is an effective way to end a fight. Women think that's hooey. For once, the women are incorrect. "The evidence shows," says evolutionary psychology Professor Gordon Gallup, that "kissing is so powerful for females that even though they deny it, once it occurs, they're so affected by a kiss ..." That they're helpless in its grip? "Yup."

-- The science of kissing is known as philematology.

-- More men than women describe a good kiss as one that involves tongue contact, saliva exchange and moaning.

-- After a relationship is established, women are much more likely than men to use kissing to monitor commitment. "There is good evidence that the frequency of kissing is a pretty good barometer of the status of a relationship," Gallup says.....more from San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post


Kissing Meditation, though not in the traditional tantric writtings is tantric in nature. This erotic, sensual, connecting meditation involves a minimum of one hour and a partner.

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