Yoni Verse

Yoni Yajna
"Her lower part is the (sacrificial) altar,
her hairs the (sacrificial) grass,
her skin the soma-press.
The lips of her yoni are the fire in the middle.
Many mortals go forth from this world without merit,
namely those who practice sexual union without knowing this.
Brihad Aranyika Upanishad, VI

Yoni Yajna is an ancient Vedic sacrificial rite and ritual. Yajna/Offering represented a link to the divine, a path to liberation and was of critical importance in Vedic culture. Traditionally performed by Vedic Priests using sacred objects, actions and instruments.
This verse represents the movement towards an inner Yajna/ritual using the body as the sacred objects and vessel for worship. Inner Yajna would later become the multi pathed, 'yoga'...union and liberation in the eternal present.

Liberation, enlightenment, can become a total experience of life. every action, thouhgt, movement and word can be an offering and union with the divine

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