Ajit Mookerjee, Tantra and Illumination

"Tantra itself is unique for being a synthesis of bhoga* and Yoga, enjoyment and liberation. There is no place for renunciation or denial in Tantra. Instead, we must involve ourselves in all the life processes which surround us. The spiritual is not something that descends from above, rather it is an illumination that is to be discovered within."

"Tantra is both an experience of life and a scientific method by which man can bring out his inherent spiritual power."

-Ajit Mookerjee

*Bhoga: Sadhana/practice through gratification of the senses

Ajit Mookerjee(1915-1990)a Bengali, was an Indian art curator and passionate collector. His amazing collection, exhibited throughout Europe, reflects his enthusiasm and fascination with Tantric art and its deep spiritual power.
Author of
Tantra Art: its Philosophy and Physics
Tantra Asana: A Way to Self-realization
Yoga Art
The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual
Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy
Kali, The Feminine Force

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Daniel said...

Ajit was a friend of mine. I met him in 1983 in London. We kept up a correspondence and he visited me two times in San Francisco. A lovely person. You needn't put this on your blog but I just wanted to correct a small error. He was not born in 1950 but rather in 1915.

LOL! said...

ooops, terrible typo! thank you!

and you are very fortunate to have known such a passionate collector and eloquent writer.

The Drifter said...

I am wondering if anyone knows what if the name of photo on the cover Ajit's book Kundalini - Arousal of Inner Energy is, where is the location of this statue and if it is possible to find a high quality reproduction of this photo. This particular one is of very great interest for me as a Yogi. It represents the Chakras, symbols etc from the Siddha tradition. Very difficult to find a visual representation of the description form Siddha.