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Energy follows thought. Your energies travel to where you place your attention. Kundalini describes personal energy fields; and 'raising your Kundalini’ really implies an expansion of this personal energy field. As we extend our individual energy fields from current self to higher aspects of Self, finally merging into pure consciousness and its oneness, we naturally experience its bliss.

Mind expansion helps. Gyan yoga encompasses a long-term focused attention on higher aspects of self and life; our attention shifts from the microcosm to the macrocosm. This is followed by energy flow and over a period of time this leads to raised energy fields. This is why we can be operating from the higher awareness and bliss of a raised Kundalini without ever doing any direct work on it; and why gyanis are able to reach enlightened states of being. .......
Become aware that as your energies follow thought, they can indeed be directed through constant focus and continued attention. In this manner, you will find that raising your Kundalini is not as exotic a goal as it seems. It is more about where your thoughts reside on a regular basis. Based on your inclination, gyan, kriya or hatha yoga could work equally well. All inner expansion leads to bhakti which automatically amplifies the process. You would eventually meditate 24x7 within even while carrying on with an enhanced reality on the outside. That is called a raised Kundalini.

Times of India

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