M. Shaw on Tantric Sexual Energy, Meditation and Passion

Sexuality is an extremely powerful, primal and irreducible aspect of human nature. One of the contributions of the tantric paradigm was the insight that sexual energies were being wasted in some forms of meditative practice. Some of the tantric pioneers felt that a celibate lifestyle did not, in fact, represent a mastery of one's sexuality, but rather a repression of and even a flight in fear from one's sexuality. .............what the tantric insight added was the recognition that some people have an abundance of passion—a very sensual, sensuous, aesthetically alive, emotionally intense character. They wanted to offer tantra as a way that those people could use this intensity so that they would not have to waste all this energy which was at their command, and which in all likelihood they could not really renounce or repress in any case................The texts say this over and over again: Tantra is for passionate people.
-Miranda shaw
From interview with What is Enlightenment

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