Tantra & the Shadow

Shadow work, the process of reclaiming, and disarming our unconscious negative qualities, is the heart of tantra, this is compassion in action. Tantrisim requires complete acceptance and total surrender to who we are.
Repression, denial and rejection of any kind, has no room in the psychologically advanced tantric consciousness where absolutely nothing, and no one, is refused. In the tantric view, sacred is the consort of the profane, no distention exists between them whatsoever.
Practice cultivates wisdom and a calmness of mind that illuminates our denied aspects/shadows, bringing our unconscious outcasts to our conscious awareness. With awareness we can begin the wise and compassionate task of integrating our shadow selves, their gifts and secret influences. The transformative power of tantra comes with accepting ourselves wholly, completely and unconditionally. When we move from multiplicity towards unity, polarity to fusion, we free ourselves from the past and any preoccupation with the future ....we are present, in non-dual awareness we open to our own clear light of spontaneous bliss.

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Vikram Madan said...

I've been following your posts on 'Shadow'. Very enlightening.

A few months back I had made a graphic for my blog, which I labelled as 'beast nature versus grace'.

I did not post this blog entry.

Have a look.

LINK: Graphic

I suppose the 'versus' reflects the wrong attitude. Why should the 'beast nature' be looked upon as something that should die out, or transmute into something else?

The beast nature and higher nature are part of the same whole. If the 'beast nature' is accepted as a part of the complete picture, and not something that needs to die out, or transmute, then the conflict is resolved...

Vikram Madan said...

A poem that finds its roots in this post.

The living principle rejects nothing.
All is embraced.
Give me death ad nauseam.
And I will turn it into life. Ad nauseam.
Ad infinitum. And beyond.

Anonymous said...

The first time I became aware of the Shadow wanting to "come out" was just before I turned 40. The funny thing, it was my playful and silly, and accepting, and adventurous side that insisted on its presence. To a greater degree than while in familiar state. Ever since, I regard Shadow as neither negative, nor positive, but you probably already know that:) Great blog entry.