Wolf Moon and Shadow Seduction

The Wolf Moon of January and February is a most auspicious time to court our dark, secret selves

The shadow is the often negative, unacceptable aspects of ourselves that we have disowned, and hidden so completely, we are unconscious of their existence.
Our lack of awareness and denial of the shadow increases its influence and power, with time our shadows grow larger and louder.

We see evidence of our shadow when we experience unwanted repetition in our lives, the 'One wife/husband is the same as the other', syndrome, and any strong reaction or judgement to others gives us a clue to who our shadow is. Our shadow is the source of embarrassments to the ego, social faux pas and Freudian slips

Shadows, being our own egos concept of hideous, will make us want to run screaming in denial. The trick is to invite the shadow in, make friends with it, learn from it. Many meditative systems/practice will reveal our shadows, and our relationships provide a sublime space for shadow work. As we uncover, strip away and integrate these orphaned elements we become authentic, calm and real.... we are in present moment.
No longer pushed and pulled with the distracting energy of judging, fixing, projecting or being caught up in

The nature of shadow work is tantric, we find original wholeness through the union, or yoga of light and dark, shiva and shakti, yin and yang, All things are sacred, all things profane.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious."
C.J. Jung

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