Kriya of Liberation with Gurmukh

Nine minute, 40 day practice of renewal and happiness.....

This is a Kundalini, White Tantra practice.

Sat Nam, a sacred mantra for sikhs, meaning,"There is only one god"

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is co-founder and director of Golden Bridge Yoga, the premier Kundalini Yoga center and spiritual village in Los Angeles, red line Hollywood & Vine, and New York City.

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Vikram Madan said...

Very graceful, beautiful and intelligent lady. Am floored. Must find more material by her.

Kundalini is a quite a dicey affair isnt it. Been following the subject for more than 5 years now.

Seems she gives you the complete experience as she rises through you...bliss/ tenderness/security beyond imagination...and fear/torture/insecurity beyond imagiation.

A colourful, crazy trip that can swing between extreme terror and fantastic bliss within minutes sometimes...

(Her style doesn't seem to be too different from her human incarnation's style..! :P )

Been following her for 5 years like I said before...from "Kundalini signs and symptoms by El Collie" to Mystress Angelique Serpent's writings (kundaliniteacher.com) to Gopi Krishna (reading him these days) to Gene Kieffer's Kundalini Research Foundation to Kundalini discussion forums to Sadhu Santideva to...well...its a long list.

Looking forward to reading what you have covered here on your blog.


md said...
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md said...

Gurmukh is truly a gift, she has had dramatic impact on many peoples lives.
If you are ever in Los Angeles you must go to Golden Bridge, and she does have several books available.

Awakened Kundalini will illuminate, sometimes with a halogen light, whatever exists in us.....
sometimes gorgeous ecstasy and a heart bursting with love, other times dark, horrific and shocking. But what else can one expect when the contents of our subconscious floods into our awareness......the transition to higher states of consciousness can be a very bumpy ride.

An extraordinary, highly detailed and beautifully illustrated guide to the chakras and kundalini, Laya Yoga is hands down the most thorough and authentic book on kundalini and the chakras that I know of.
By Shyam Sundar Goswami