Here Comes the Sun With George Harrison

George Harrison wrote 'Here Comes the Sun' after meeting Prabhupada in 1969, dedicating it to Prabhupada expressing his impression of this Personality.

Swami Prabhupada
(September 1, 1896–November 14, 1977) was the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (popularly known as the "Hare Krishna's"

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Vikram Madan said...

Beautiful song, one of my all time favourites...

One other song by Harrison comes to mind....'My Sweet Lord'....but a man singing to a male god the way he's singing it...is so GAY!

(oh my SWEET lord, really wanna be with you...really wanna FEEL you lord...!!)



md said...


'My Sweet Lord' is from the Christian Mystic influence. Rapture and other erotic overtones are a strong, but often hidden or downplayed, aspect of Christian systems, think of all those nuns married to Jesus, now that's a harem! :) and not much different than the 100 virgins a day and the eternal erection promised in the Islamic system
.......and this is why the theory of Jesus being influenced by Krishna and Bhakti thought, is so logical.

The earthly erotic and the sublime spiritual have always crossed paths.....because, they are the same path......top down approach or bottom up....same result, different roads, some will use both

Vikram Madan said...

I am no expert on the hindu system...but the statement "Rapture and other erotic overtones are a strong, but often hidden or downplayed, aspect of Christian systems" seems to apply equally well to hindu systems. A typical hindu temple prayer starts, and soon picks up pace and usually ends in a crazy rapturous frenzy...almost like the god being prayed to just orgasmed, along with his devotees or something! Perhaps that was the aim anyway! hahaha!!

Hindus are extremely conservative, to the extent that they would force hindu women to wear veils, prevent them from interacting with the opposite sex totally, if they could - not an exaggeration. This contrast - I can never understand. Conservative/orthodox in the sexual sense to extremes....but they don't mind praying to the shiva lingam or a naked kali. They don't mind praying to statues of a naked kali dancing on the dead body of a naked shiva either! They don't mind praying to a demon who tried to rape their beloved goddess durga and got killed in the process. [Forgot his name. Bhairav perhaps.]

I am ok with a man praying to the goddess, or a woman praying to a male god...but what cracks me up totally is the GAY factor that I see in hinduism! Seems there is a sect of Krishna worshippers, males, who dress up in sarees and bindis and bangles, warpaint[makeup!] et al! And then dance in front of Krishna's idol!!

They often name themselves 'Radha' or 'Gopis'...LOL! A high ranking police officer in Uttar Pradesh (the home state of Varanasi) was dismissed from service after he disclosed to people that he dresses up as Radha as he 'waits for his beloved Lord Krishna at night'.

A very famous Lucknow (U.P.) based spiritual teacher (now dead) named 'Papaji' also used to dress up as Radha (the complete getup - sari, bindi, bangles, payal etc.) and pray...exactly like this police officer prays!

Papaji or HWL Poonjaji : http://www.satsangbhavan.net/

One book on Kundalini that I read a few months back....by Sadhu Santideva , named 'tantric healing' - in that book, an 'awakened sage' , aged 50-60 perhaps, named Ramakrishna (if I recall correctly)....talks of how a 'beautiful young teenaged boy-angel' flew gracefully from chakra to chakra in RamaKrishna's body, licking the petals of his chakras open, one by one. :-)

I have read many poems written by MALE hindu mystics, some of them going back hundreds of years, in which they say stuff like 'I bathe everyday, comb my hair, check myself out in the mirror....I must keep myself ready all the time...for the beloved [krishna] may come anytime, may come unannounced'.

Now that's what I call Bhakti!! hahaha!!

There seems to be a school of thought in Hinduism, in which you have to become Radha or a Gopi, to be blessed by Krishna, no matter what. It doesn't matter that you are male!

(I am not anti-hinduism, don't know enough about it to be able to form an opinion. And am quite fond of things like Advaita.)