Elizabeth Gilbert on Marriage: Eat, Pray, Make Love

Eat, Pray, Make Love
Time Magazines 'one of the most influential people of 2008', Elizabeth Gilbert,
author of Eat, Pray, Love, asks us to consider the demands and expectations of contemporary marriage,
are we asking for too much in our relationships?
Could the high failure rate in marriage be related to the burden of out of scale expectations we
place on a 'love' relationship?
Elizabeth is 5yrs into a second marriage, she describes it as complex, but much richer than the romantic beginning she ends her book with.
Self admitted owner of a hungry, passionate heart, Elizabeth gives authentic insight for those of us with a passionate, and wildly curious nature.
Helen Fisher would most likely type Elizabeth as a Negotiator/Explorer.

Does anyone else see the Cameron Diaz resemblance? even her laugh is very Cameron!
Note to Elizabeth: Help the economy, give Cameron Diaz a job with 'Eat, Pray, Love', the movie....

Full interview with Big Think

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity and Genius at TED Talks
Is creativity something only a few have? What is the difference between being a 'genius', and having one? What if we realized we all have a genius, daemon, a muse just waiting for us to show up? And how do we relate to it without losing our mind? Who is your divine genius?

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“wise, jaunty, human, ethereal, heartbreaking.
-Anne Lamott on Eat, Pray, Love


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