A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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Still Life Living said...

Thanks for your response to my comment from a previous thread.

Funny, I am an overly-trained economist. and I work in real estate. I and have involvement in the subprime industry from bankruptcy to fraud investigations to super high end condo valuations for development projects.

It is serendipitous that you talk about AIG today. I have been contemplating a post today about AIG because of conversations I had with people at church this weekend and today’s LA Times primer on why AIG is still getting funds. For me AIG is critical to understand because it is the key to keeping our economy from collapsing all at once (as a result of the credit default swap markets). And I think that is Obama's job - too keep the recent and increasing entropy down to a level unopened minds can tolerate. Otherwise we could end up with an apocalypse now moment which we actually can side-step. Essentially, if AIG were to fail, right now anyway, every municipality in the united states would become insolvent overnight. The problem is that if everything fails at once, there are no rules that tell people how to make decisions -- and they don't know how to think from the gut. (This is the big curse of GWB, he tried to ruin the trust of intuition because evil does not want power distributed).

Getting back to the collapse of society: Not that that is such a bad thing. But the social networks are not in place yet or have not been identified in order to facilitate such a shift of consciousness. As a dakini (or at least my imagining of what one is) you probably understand that part better than I do.

Thanks for the post.

BTW, Terrence McKenna said that the world appears to be a runaway train on a dark and stormy night. And what is hopeful is its out-of-controlness, because, you and I have never been in control of “it” in the first place. (Eros & the Eschton lecture, UW 1994).

md said...

and i mistrusted my intuition and deleted my post....only to find your comment a little later...lol

AIG has received 4 bailouts now, even baseball has a 3 strike rule......and why the secrecy with where the money is going?
...apparently some of it is going to leading global publicist, Buson-Marsteller, to fix its tarnished image.....check out PR Week for more info

my gut says, something is very fishy here.

I agree about the social networks not being in place. But, I would suggest that the demand/crisis for such networks could be the catalyst for their creation.....humans have an amazing ability to rise to the occasion when necessary.

Exploiting and bending rules and regulations is what created the mess, and yet, it seems the same changing or altering the rules and reworking the system, is the only solution being offered.

My gut is very concerned with emergency actions dictated/directed by the people that created the panic and participated in the manufacture of the emergency.

Decisions made under duress are seldom sound.