Men in Their 50's Have Better Sex Lives Than Men In Their 30's

ScienceDaily — Men in their fifties are more satisfied with their sex lives than men in their thirties and forties, recording similar levels to 20-29 year-olds, according to a survey published in BJU International....
A team of experts from Norway and the USA surveyed 1,185 (87%married) men aged between 20 and 79, asking them about various aspects of their sex life, including drive, erections and ejaculation.
he men who responded to the Norwegian postal questionnaire were asked to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their sex life on a scale of zero to four, with four representing good sexual function and no problems. Men in their twenties recorded an average overall satisfaction level of 2.79 and the second highest level was among fifty-somethings who recorded an average of 2.77. Men in their 30s only reached 2.55 and men in their forties averaged 2.72.
After the age of 59, overall satisfaction fell significantly to 2.46 for men in their sixties and 2.14 for men in their seventies....
"Our results show that although men experience more problems and less sexual function as they get older, it doesn't necessarily follow that they are less satisfied with their sex lives as a result." more

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Vikram Madan said...

Hi Dev,

Thank you for putting me on your bloglist. You are already there on my bloglist.

Interesting blog entry...reminds me of something I learned recently...

I recently made friends with an analyst who works with an NGO that collects/analyses data on the lifestyles/problems of elderly north indians..

And this analyst-friend showed me some documents that has made my head spin..

This documents I saw were on people between age 70-79, living in North India.

Seems north indians in their 70s have exactly the same emotional problems as younger people.

I don't know (and don't want to know!) the details of their sex lives, but it seems North Indian elderly people live lives that could give 'The Bold and the Beautiful' a run for its money!

The most common complaint by 70 plus women against their hubbys is 'infidelity'.

Many 70 plus women have filed for divorce saying they can't handle their husbands' colourful lifestyles. hehe.

Another fact that came out was....that (north indian) men in their 70s tend to have a weakness for younger women in the

So perhaps the label 'horny old goat' is not unfounded. :-)

The incidents of 'successful affairs' [means affairs that were confirmed beyond doubt] between men in their 70s and younger women in the family was very high!!

The reason given was that men in their 70s are, in general, financially stable, own property, businesses. And so on.

I got to see the details of one particular court case, in which a 74 yr old wife said that her husband had forced her to sign legal papers that transferred the ownership of a certain property/estate to....who else, but the hubby's young niece. :-)

The niece shows up very often, in many of the case studies in these documents.

I guess what I read could be re-named as 'The Indian Bald and the Beautiful Nieces'! LOL.

Very strong trend of preferring the 'in the family' thing to affairs with women outside the family.

Well, nice to know that my country's elderly gentlemen are family oriented people.*sarcastic comment, of course.* :-)

There was a section in this report that dealt with homosexuality in 70 plus north indian men, and at that point I just put the report back on the table...!! Had had enough for one day! :-)