Vishnudeva Saraswati on Tantra

"Tantra helps you do instinctively what needs to be done," he says. How does he battle the misconception that tantra is only about sex? "But it is all about sex. Everything is about sex; the difference lies between sex and sexual intercourse."
He informs that all this while, you had been having sex with him. Pardon? "If I am talking and you are listening, the active principle is penetrating the dormant one. That is sex in tantra." - Vishnudeva Saraswati
Times of India

Vishnudeva Saraswati is a Tibetan-British Tantric, he is a swami in the style of the very controversial Osho/Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh.

image: Ganesha
Madya Pradesh, India
11th Century
NY Met/md
one of my dakini's favorite museums

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Scott said...

I like that quote,differentiating sex and sexual intercourse. Very clever answer! 'All about sex, but intercourse' Of course I think that saying all is Sex is a metaphor and only one. But it is a delightful and refreshing way he puts it.

LOL! said...

and it is so true, all engagement be it visual, tactile, feeling, taste all are a response and connection
....and in that way 'intercourse'..