Tantric Spiritual Practice, Kundalini and Connection

Tantric practice provides numerous physical benefits
but the ultimate benefit is spiritual.
Practice awakens spiritual fire,
your bridge to expanded awareness,
higher levels of consciousness, and ultimate freedom.

Spiritual fire or Kundalini Shakti , has been known by many names.
The quaking of a Quaker, the whirl of the dervish or the 'oh god' of orgasm, are all Kundalini Shakti.
states of ecstasy and union
The power to swiftly burn through the illusion of ego
has given Kundalini Shakti a well earned reputation as dangerous.

Committed spiritual practice awakens Kundalini Shakti,
the once trickle of energy, expands and is ignited!
A variety of techniques are employed to awaken and direct Kundalini upwards
blowing open the subtle energy centers,chakras, in the body.
As these energy centers blossom our true self is exposed
both light and dark aspects of our nature are revealed
providing the opportunity to surrender and resolve
subconscious issues that keep us in neurotic self imposed bondage.
In open surrender we restore and rejuvenate intimacy with ourselves and the world.

Kundalini energy is our source of sexuality, creativity and life itself.
As this energy awakens, joy, wonderment and passion permeates the whole being.
Unlimited spontaneous bliss is available to everyone
we simply have to awaken it.

Tantric systems are all inclusive, wild and radical short cuts
intended to rapidly turn on, stir up and flip.

These systems are not for everyone.

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