sky traveler
guide to flights of spiritual insight and ecstasy • spontaneous and unconventional spiritual guide
sky clad expression of feminine wisdom-energy •undomesticated dancing force of the feminine
•inspirer, messenger
dispeller of nonsense • protector of teachings

ex stasis
being beside one's self
withdrawal of the soul from the body • rapture; enthusiastic delight
to be filled with emotion too powerful for the body to contain or the rational mind to understand*
Excessive and overmastering joy or enthusiasm; • rapture; enthusiastic delight.

tan, to explain, expound and/or expose, to weave
tra, to save, to liberate, a tool or instrument
• mystical or magical doctrine • mystical form of yoga
ancient spiritual path using the body to transcend the body • science and art of realization
a spiritual short cut • any non-Vedic doctrine or cult

hatha yoga, zen and transcendental meditation are also, esoteric tantric systems

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