In Depth Interview of Power and Seduction Author, Robert Greene

Feeling a little too naive, tangled with too many passive aggressive people?
 In this enlightening 40 minute interview author Robert Greene explains the dynamics of power.  Who uses it, how it's used, and how to recognize when it's being used to manipulate you.

Power Moves, in Writing and Life
How to Spot a Machiavelli
From Napoleon to Kim Jong-Il
Obama and the Art of Power
Power, Strategy, and the Workplace
The Power Struggle of Love
How to Seduce Anything
50 Cent, Fearlessness, and You
Tiger Woods’ God Complex
Robert Greenes's latest:
"The Descent of Power: An Interpretation of the Global Economic Crisis", available at

Robert Greene is the author of numerous volumes on power, strategy, war, and seduction, including the international bestseller "The 48 Laws of Power," "The Art of Seduction," 
"The 33 Strategies of War," and "The 50th Law," co-written with rapper 50 Cent. 

This is not intended as a promotion of seducing or power tripping others. It is intended as a way to educate yourself to the seduction and power games others play, and learn to avoid those types of people. Life is too precious to waste on people who find it necessary to resort to Machiavellian manipulation to get what they want...

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