Great 'Guy' Gift : Manspaces

Sam Martin : Manspaces
A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory

Fab site!

From the book:
   You know you need your space, but what’s the answer? Manspace! It’s the shot in the arm, the rallying cry, the inspiration for guys like you to take back a little piece of territory, to have some space where you don’t have to change shirts or pick up after yourself. With more than 50 great guy places like recording studios, drinking sheds, workshops, and general all-around hangouts, Manspace shows you what and it shows you how.....

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1 comment:

Vikram Madan said...

Nice video! Inspires me to remodel my office, been wanting to, for a long time!
(But not as a boxing ring or 16th century pirate ship! Just a normal office.)