Carter Emmart's 3D Universe

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Vikram said...

"As we move out....we are essentially backing up into the past....." at 3:13

Powerful statement......BUT......

When we look into the cosmos... -- what is the reality of what we see....what is the 'NOW' status of what we see...?

Light takes 8 minutes to reach us from the Sun. The Sun is technically 8 minutes into the past.

So what if the Sun dies in 'its NOW'? Will it take us 8 minutes to know that the Sun has died?

Seems such questions are not relevant.....not from the point of view of certain advaita vedantic scholars.

The Sun's NOW and our NOW. Both are the same NOW. Right here. This moment. The 8 minutes gap is irrelevant.

So what he says in the video...we are backing up into the past ---- certain advaita vedantic scholars wont agree with it.

The Sun will die only in that moment when it dies in our field of vision, in our perspective --- and what it was doing before that is just not relevant.

Because perspective is all there is, in this illusory, fleeting universe....if we were to believe Advaita vedantic scholars like Remez Sasson, Ramesh Balsekar. And some others.

"Is the moon really there when we don't observe it?" - Albert Einstein.

VERY powerful question --- and totally in tune with what I've commented above.

This question by Einstein is the foundation of the book 'Einstein's moon'. I'm looking forward to reading it.